Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi for Health is a modernised Tai Chi Programme which has been developed by Dr Paul Lam and a team of medical and Tai Chi experts with the aim of making the many health benefits of Tai Chi easier and therefore accessible to all.

It's safe, adaptable and provides a great tool for better self-management whatever your level of fitness and health is at today.

New to Tai Chi your Instructor Mrs Sonya Robinson has been an enthusiastic Group Fitness Instructor for many years, taking many different styles of class as well as being a 4th Dan Black Belt Instructor and practitioner in International Taekwon-Do.

She looks forward to having you in her class - particularly if you are at the beginning of your Tai Chi journey too.

Originating in ancient China, tai chi is an effective exercise for health of mind and body. Although an art with great depth of knowledge and skill, it can be easy to learn and soon delivers its health benefits. For many, it continues as a lifetime journey. There are many styles and forms of tai chi, the major ones being Chen, Yang, Wu, another Wu (actually two different words in Chinese) and Sun. Each style has its own unique features, although most styles share similar essential principles.

These essential principles include the mind being integrated with the body; fluidity of movement; control of breathing; and mental concentration. The central focus is to enable the qi or life force to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. Total harmony of the inner and outer self comes from the integration of mind and body, achieved through the ongoing practice of tai chi.

Medical and fitness authorities stress that effective exercise for health should include three components: cardio-vascular fitness or stamina, muscular strength, and flexibility. Cardio-vascular fitness means better heart-lung capacity. A good supply of blood and oxygen is essential for maintaining your health and for healing any disease.

Tai Chi for Health Class Timetable


Class Time  Cost 
Monday - Beginners Class 12.00 PM to 1.00 PM  $8.00 per person
Monday - General Class  1.00 PM to 2.00 PM  $8.00 per person 
Wednesday - Begininners Class 12.00 PM to 1.00 PM  $8.00 per person 
 Wednesday - General Class   1.00 PM to 2.00 PM  $8.00 per person


Low Impact Aerobics Concession Card

Cost: $50.00 for 10 sessions . 

  • Can only be used for both Zumba Gold or Tai Chi for Health Classes. 
  • all session must be used by 31 December 2019. no holds or carryover available. 
  • once session is used it is non-refundable. 
  • If card is lost a replacement fee will apply.
  • Card must be presented to use concessions 




*Please note that classes will start promptly at the scheduled time. Any late arrivals may result in declined entry to classes.Plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to sign in as well. 






  • Last Updated: 28th January 2019